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Rachel Barnes – A Host of the Mentors ~ Village of Abundance Radio Network!

To become accepted as a member in any part of the village or media is equivalent to receiving a “Better Business Bureau” seal of approval for teachings.  The purpose of the Mentors Village of Abundance Radio Network is to inspire, motivate, guide and teach listeners anywhere in the world how to live a life of abundance and prosperity.

Real Estate (which in itself is a business!) has been a vehicle to help people from all walks of life to achieve their dreams and help others along.  Throughout this series of Radio shows, Rachel Barnes will be focusing on teaching her specific area of experience relating to property investing across borders – nationally and internationally, as well as interviewing others from her Network with their own unique expertise and experience to share with you.

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SERIES 1 Crossing Borders for Property Investing Success?

In this first series we consider the pros and cons, risks and rewards, and the traps to be avoided – so that you can then make a more fully informed decision as to whether you’ll be crossing borders for your property success.

  1. Episode 1: What’s the big deal about investing overseas?
    • Why bother investing overseas when there’s so much opportunity in your own country?
    • This episode is now available to Play on demand.
  2. Episode 2:  Be Aware or Beware of Overseas Investing
    • Learn tips to avoiding the traps of international property investing
    • This episode is now available to Play on demand.
  3. Episode 3:   Learning the Lingo for Property Success
    • This episode is now available to Play on demand.
    • Preparing to purchase: Learn the property lingo between Aus and USA
    • Learn 21 key terms to ensure you are profitient and professional
  4. Episode 4:   Aussies Finding the Finance for USA Property
    • Show scheduled for Sunday 10.00am (ACST) 9th June 2013
    • Learn 3 key steps to be prepared to apply for a USA property loan
    • Listen to a top USA Mortgage Manager explain how you can qualify for a USA Loan at USA rates
    • Discover what options are available in Australia to use for USA property purchases
  5. Episode 5:  Strategies for International Property Investors
    • Pt 1: Explore 3 cash flow property strategies from specialists

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