Mentors Radio Series 1- Episode 1

What’s the Big Deal About Investing Overseas?

Looking for the Lucky Country, the Land of Opportunity or just Greener Pastures?

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It’s an awesome show with two special guests we invited along to share their ideas, experience and tips on today’s topic:

-bus-card-final-pic_142x158Meet : Christopher Cioffi  –

Christopher is a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker and owner of  No Nonsense Real Estate P.A.  He has always been a true innovator in the Real Estate Industry.  Growing up as the son of a New York City Police Officer, Christopher learned at a very young age that success was a result of hard work and dedication.

Christopher has always been a true top performer in the SW Florida Real Estate market and back in 2006 Christopher and his Real Estate Team received a national ranking in the Wall Street Journal being “#10 in the Nation for Real Estate Transactions.”

Considering the number of Real Estate Brokerages nationwide this was quite a feat.  Christopher has also received a National Association of Realtors Short Sale & Foreclosure Certification and has truly excelled in this arena.  Being located in Fort Myers, FL, which is a top distressed market in the country, he has adapted to market conditions and is pioneering this sector or Real Estate.


Meet: Salena Kulkarni  –

Salena has been a chartered accountant for over 15 years now and she began at Deloitte before taking her career to Europe and the UK. During this time, she worked for a number of international companies before returning to Australia in 2000. Over the last ten years, she’s worked for a number of large multinational organizations as well as a number of consulting firms.

Salena has had a very diversified career including being involved in large scale outsourcing of government services, major organizational reviews, large scale change management programs, small business startups and sale, and a number of ad hoc consulting assignments. Throughout her career, she has actively been involved in real estate investing and development  and her interest in the US residential real estate began in 2008 – so she’s just the right person for us to speak to!

Shortly after that, she began investing in the market herself. Her structured approach to investing in this market has led her to become a national speaker in Australia and a leading authority on US property investing in the current climate. During 2009 and 2010, Salena supported many Australian in purchasing US real estate. Interactions with investor over the last few years highlighted a number of problems in a way that current US buyer advocates were operating and this led to Salena formulating Splash Property Groups and supporting investors to access this market.

If you’d like to hear more from Salena and find out about a Unique financing opportunity for Australians to purchase property in America CLICK HERE.

For centuries people have moved to other lands in search of greener pastures, adventure, or some opportunity to improve their life.  But these days you don’t have to move interstate or overseas to find opportunities –

You can simply create opportunities from across the border… And have FUN doing it!

STOP !  Before you get excited and rush off to find some property that’s out of your area, remember that with great REWARDS  there are usually big RISKS too!

You need to be informed, and fore-armed. Listen in to this month’s show  to discover

  • 10 Cross Border Opportunities
  • 4 Key risks to investing in the USA
  • 4 Key risks to investing in Australia

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Next episode we discuss the issues to Be Wary of and Beware of.

Rachel Barnes and guests will give you a plethora of Tips to help you avoid the Traps of investing … particularly when it’s across the border!

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