Disclaimer & Release (Condition of Acceptance for Coaching)


TO:      Rachel Barnes in her own right and as a Director of Rajohn Australia Pty Ltd and/or Trustee for JR Property Trust.

By purchasing a Coaching package I hereby acknowledge that any coaching, mentoring, consulting, general discussion, property and/or personnel referrals are for education and information only and any documents, information, statements and opinions expressed throughout any contact between us, and in all associated material provided to me, is intended as an educational resource and as a guide only.

I acknowledge that I will not be provided with any specific legal, accounting, financial or investment advice and that I have been urged to seek professional advice from an experienced Property Lawyer, Taxation Accountant, Financial Advisors or Investor Advisor before attempting to implement the purchase of any property.  I also acknowledge that although reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that all statements and information provided to me are correct, I should not rely on any such statements, information or referrals, but take my own professional independent advice and make my own enquires and investigations before taking any action.

I also acknowledge that none of the Directors or their employees or associates guarantee any results or outcomes that may be achieved as a result of purchasing property.  I also accept that investing in property involves risk and I will make my own assessment of the risk and take my own specific advice before acting on any information supplied or strategies discussed throughout our discussions.

I also release and save harmless each and every one of the Associates and Directors of Rajohn Australia Pty Ltd and their executors, administrators and their assigns from any liability or any loss or damage or expense suffered or incurred by them as a result of any action taken by me or any party associated with me as a result of information and material supplied or strategies discussed. This document may be pleaded as a barr or defence to any such claim, action, demand or proceedings and I indemnify each and all of such parties in relation to any loss or damage or expense suffered by them as a result of any such claim, action, demand or proceedings.

I acknowledge that where any coaching or other discussions may be recorded I consent to any testimonial provided by me or anything said or written by me during these interactions to be used by the promoters and organisers for promotion of further coaching, or other services or events or generally as a testimonial.  In particular I consent to the creation or reproduction of any sound or visual recordings of the event and the use of my name or image or photograph from such event in any sound recordings, video recordings, DVDs, website or e-mails, magazines or publications and I agree not to make any claim for any profit or revenue derived from the sale or marketing or use of such matters.

 The successful purchase and payment of the coaching program online confirms my acceptance of this release.

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