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USA Property – Fact, Fiction and Finance Interview Available now

Salena Kulkarni
Salena Kulkarni
Chartered Accountant
Founding Director – US Splash Property Group


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Part 1 – USA Property Fact, Fiction, Finance

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Part 3 – USA Property Fact, Fiction, Finance

Part 4 – USA Property Fact, Fiction, Finance


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US Splash Property 2012



Do you know which of these statements

are Fact and which are Fiction?

  1. Anyone can buy a property in the USA
  2. There’s only two States you should invest in
  3. All Australians promoting USA property are trustworthy
  4. Buying in the USA is just the same as buying in AUS
  5. It’s as easy to find a good Property Manager in the USA
  6. You don’t need to travel to the States to buy a decent property
  7. You can use your Self Managed Super Fund to purchase property in the States
  8. You have to be in the USA if you want to find a decent property to buy

Find out the answers as Rachel Barnes interviews Salena Kulkarni.

PLUS would you believe… 

Loans are now available for Australians to purchase USA property at only *2.15% pa

That may sound like a piece of fiction, but for some of you who meet the criteria it could be a FACT!

Yes there’s some specific criteria you need to meet, but you could be very pleasantly surprised when you learn just what that is.

Another fact is, that there’s a lot of people both in the USA and sadly even in Australia, who are ready to take advantage of property investors who have set their sights on the USA market.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest, but it does mean you need to be careful who you deal with, and who’s information you listen to.

After speaking to Salena Kulkarni a few times, I was impressed by her direct answers. She certainly appears to maintain a high set of values, and the fact that she’s been a Chartered Accountant for over 15 years and purchased property herself in the States, gives me confidence in her ability and experience also.

Whether you’re intending to invest in USA property, or just curious about it, I’d recommend you listen to this interview so you’re more informed about the risks, remedies and rewards of such diversification.

If you’d like to find out more about Salena’s services and receive the free resources offered to listeners, simply send an email with your questions or comments to:

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Remember to download or view the finance slides as well as the audio, to help you digest and understand the numbers Selana refers to in her interview … you may find this type of loan (when applying the funds to a USA Property purchase only) could suit your circumstances well, and provide you another buying opportunity!

Listen, Learn, and Enjoy the Interview!

NB.  *It’s important to consider the risks as well as the rewards of this type of borrowing, particularly where changing foreign currency exchange rates will affect your loan, so please ensure you get your own independent qualified advice.  

Atlanta GA Splash Example Property :  


Sale Price     $59,900

Rehab         $13,000

Plus Costs     $5,300

Total         $78,250

Gross Return 16.10%

NET Return 11.67%

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