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Three-day tour offers exclusive opportunity for personal coaching and on site education!

Learn in the most practical environment, make friends, have fun, and search for property investments at bargain base prices with independent real estate advocates (not sales people) by your side!


Is the grass greener in America than Australia when it comes to property investing?  Many Australians think so.

According to a report by the Australian Financial Review, Australians are investing as much as $1 billion in US properties – and many of those investors are women. Many foreign and American investors alike are turning their attention to properties with strong rental yields, the potential for strong future capital growth, and housing prices that have hit their lowest average in decades!

But is time running out? The Wall Street Journal reported that inventories of homes for sale in the US are shrinking sharply and in some States, real estate agents report that they only have about six months of homes in stock instead of the two years worth they had just a few years ago.

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Rachel Barnes (CEO)

Rachel Barnes and her partner, John Fowler have been researching the USA and surrounding property market for several years, looking for easy and passive cash flow properties. Although they have purchased many of their rentals in Australia without ever having seen the property or even visited some of the areas, they prefer to physically check out the regions they’re looking to purchase in, when it comes to investing across the other side of the world.

There is something even more critical than researching the property and the location … that’s doing your research on the people you’ll be dealing with there who you may rely on to help you source the right property, and purchase the property.  But above all, you need to be careful of those who will be managing the property for you.  Read Rachel’s Blog to find out more about finding trustworthy resources.

However, it’s not just about the due diligence aspect of investing, as both Rachel and John believe that you should also have fun when you’re building a fortune, and a holiday with a property purchasing purpose is perfect!

In the last few years they’ve spent quite some time overseas, and even if we exclude the Greek and European trips they’ve made and focus on just North America, the list of their ‘productive’ holidays is quite extensive.

tick Los Angeles, CA                             tick New York NY
tick Riverside CA                                   tick Chicago IL
tick San Diego, CA  tick Toledo OH
tick San Francisco, CA                          tick Detroit MI
tick Las Vegas, NV                                  tick Toronto, Windsor, Niagara in Canada  
tick Baha California / Mexico
John Fowler

Their existing 5 property purchases have been around the Detroit area in Michigan, and now that those properties are all settled and tenanted, Rachel and John are focusing their attention further South where the weather is a bit warmer!  They’ve been to Florida a few times and love it, but have decided to do a bit more research in Atlanta as the value for money, and rental return seems to be more attractive at the moment.

Rachel has been involved in educating Property Women through seminars and mentoring programs across Australia, as well as helping her private coaching clients. Rachel and John are happy to share their experience, so you’ll have a plethora of information, lots of inspiration and be prepared to have fun too!

Want to Join Rachel Barnes and John Fowler next time for a 3 day private coaching and property reconnaissance  tour in USA

This particular tour will be a very small personal group with a maximum of 4 people. Rachel and John enjoy sharing their knowledge and helping others understand some of the very important questions you need to ask when investing in a foreign country… because you need to know where you’ll get the right answers.

Obviously when you spend several days with a small group of people you want to be sure you’ll all enjoy your time and benefit, so ask yourself.

Are you…

Rachels Iphone to 19 Apr 2012 1215

tick Eager to learn more about USA properties, people and processes before you decide to buy

 tick Not in a rush to purchase, but open to opportunity if it stacks up to your due diligence and financially

 tick Happy to be part of a close knit like-minded group for a few days and talk non-stop property!

tick Open to learning new things and new ways of investing

tick Eager to network and check out new contacts

tick Happy to have some fun while you learn

If you feel you meet that criteria, and you can make the dates, please send an email to with your best contact number to express your interest (no obligation) in coming along and we’ll be in touch.

With over $5,700 worth of inclusions, this tour  represents great value at only  *$2497 for 3 days  because you will enjoy:

Atlanta's Large Aquarium
Worlds’s Largest Aquarium – Atlanta

tick Three (3) nights quality accommodation (based on Twin Share) 

tick  Breakfast included for 3 days 

tick  Lunch for 3 days and One Evening Meal included 

tick  All Road transport costs for 3 days 

tick  Personal coaching (3 days x 8 hours per day)

tick  Guided property reconnaissance tour around Atlanta GA

tick  *discount of $500 pp for Couples

A deposit of $597 will be required to secure your booking  and Balance of funds payable 3 weeks prior to the event.

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