USA Property Research – Do it Right or Pay Dearly!

Have you heard horror stories about owning property in the United States?

Or have you been told  there’s untold rewards of investing overseas?

How do you know what to believe – or even more importantly, WHO to believe?

From my observations the key difference between investing in USA Property successfully and buying a money pit, is predominantly doing the right research. That doesn’t mean you believe everything other people tell you – it means you check it out for yourself. As you know, I’m an advocate for doing your own due diligence and making your own informed decisions.  That’s one of the key reasons I’ve personally conducted property coaching tours in the USA for Aussie’s.  The feedback from most of the people who’ve come on tour has been that it’s really opened their eyes and they’ve learnt so much more about the market, the people, the processes, the opportunities and the pitfalls of investing there.  The other reason I’ve done tours is  because I enjoy combining travel and looking at property  🙂

Salena Kulkarni
Splash Property Group

Is research on the ground crucial to making the right choices?

If you’ve been listening to my radio shows over the past few months about the things to be aware of when investing in the States, you’ll have heard my interviews with Salena Kulkarni, an Accountant who has purchased a number of properties overseas herself, and who has also set up a turn-key property purchasing solution for her clients.

Interestingly, when we first spoke, Salena felt the goals of many property tours were questionable. From my perspective I was a little negative and questioned the integrity of some overseas ‘turn-key’ property operators. But after many discussions, and having had the opportunity to personally meet some of Salena’s team on the ground in Atlanta recently, I’ve become more confident with the turnkey approach – as long as you’re dealing with honest and ethical professionals.

Now Salena has decided after years of requests from her own clients, that she will run an educational tour to help more Aussies understand the market clearly and conduct their own important research ‘on the ground’.


As I have already completed one small property tour this year and won’t be doing another due to other commitments, I thought you’d be interested in knowing that Salena Kulkarni, is going to be taking her next research trip over to the USA in a couple of months, and you could have the opportunity to join her.   She is quite an expert in US real estate and I am sure that a trip to the US with her would be a massive shortcut and eye-opener to help you with your investment journey.

Here’s a link to some of her plans…

If you have been waiting for a chance to do your own due diligence on the ground, then you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

I’d suggest you find out if this trip is suitable for you.  Just click on the link below to find out more now while there’s time available, because this is most likely the first and last time she will ever do this.  Do it now, as you don’t want to miss such an ideal opportunity to spend time with an Aussie Property Investing Accounting who’s middle name is ‘research!

Click here to read more about her research trip…

Whatever your end decision is in relation to USA property remember these three golden rules …

1. Do your own due diligence on the people you intend to deal with

2. Do your own due diligence on any location and property you propose to invest in

3. Have Fun!