Total Focus Workshop – Have your BEST 90 days ever!

It’s not too late and it’s NEVER too early!

If you have set goals or resolutions in the past and not succeeded, that doesn’t mean you are a failure, it just means you didn’t have the knowledge, the tools, and the support necessary to guide you to your success.

In fact, only 9.2% of people successfully achieved their New Year Resolutions in 2017. So why is it so hard for us to do what we know we need to do to achieve our dreams? Well there are 4 specific reasons why people procrastinate. You’ll discover what these are along with the formula for getting done what has to be done at work and at home, more effectively, with less stress and in less time!

This workshop series is for YOU if you plan to be one of the 10% who DO achieve goals, want to think above the average crowd, want to have some fun and if you understand the importance of having independent, experienced and genuine support along the way.

This is a pragmatic, structured and to-the-point course for taking more action and getting things done in your life. You’ll learn how to take action without stress or other common pitfalls that cause people to fail.

You will receive your own 67 page Study Guide to work through over all the FOUR Monday night sessions packed with information and inspiration which are ALL included when you enrol :

Session 1 : Self Analysis – this is one of the most important sessions for setting the foundation for you to move forward with clarity, avoid stress and avoid the pitfalls that would normally cause us to fail.

Session 2 : Goal Setting & Action Planning – Goal setting alone isn’t enough. In this session you filter your dreams into achievable goals and set your action plans around them to ensure your success.

Session 3 : Mindset Mastery – No matter how intelligent you may be or how organised you might be, if you don’t have mastery over your mind, unfortunately it’s likely to be destructive rather than constructive to your goals. In this session we give you the tools and techniques to be master or your own destiny.

Session 4 : Emotional Management – Managing our emotions can be difficult and we often self-sabotage. In this session we recognise the challenge of change and focus on the opportunities it provides for our success. The 90 Day Challenge starts today! We want you to achieve more n this 90 days than most other people do in a whole 12 months! In 90 Days we re-connect, review your achievements and celebrate your success!

Join us from the comfort of your own home online or on the phone and discover the secrets to beating the failure cycle, overcoming procrastination, focusing your thinking and empowering yourself to win THIS year.

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