Staff Training Program – Reception / Front-Line

Customised Front-Line Training

Have you ever walked into a business, or called to enquire about a product or service and been put off a buying decision because of the lack of service or acknowledgement from the front line staff?
Then you know just how important it is to have the right person with the right training UP FRONT!

Rachel loves Reception and Telephonist work herself and due to her experience of having worked in career roles from Reception to Executive Manager, Business Owner, Property Investor and ‘freelance’ Coach and Trainer,  she has an inherent understanding of what it takes to make the right first and lasting impression to customers and associate businesses.

Combined with her passion for helping others reach their potential and enjoy the journey through coaching, Rachel was asked to put together a Receptionist/Telephonist training program for a major automotive dealership and she can now share that training with individuals, recruiters, or organisations who want to provide a fabulous front line experience for their clients and associates!

Reception / Front-Line Training Outline

Being on the front line is all about making the BEST first and lasting impression throughout the customer’s communication with your organisation. You are the face / voice / primary contact for your organisation – make every connection count!

The training offered is as follows:

  • Classroom Training 2 x 3 hours  ... or
  • 6 x  Weekly Online Training Sessions
    •  (Optional extra) Individual Follow up Coaching 2 x 30 min feedback sessions
Session Outline:
 1. Why a Receptionist is as important as the CEO.

In this session we cover WHY the Reception role is even more critical than the CEO position. When you understand why your role is so crucial to the business success, you’ll have more of an appreciation for your role and realise why it’s important to be the best Receptionist they’ve ever had!

  1. Is Reception right for YOU?

Not everyone can be or wants to be a frontline ‘people’ person.  However if it’s something you do enjoy or know you can enjoy with some help, guidance and training, then this is the session where we uncover your personality and skills and set to work on maximising them to help you excel and enjoy your role even more.

  1. First Impressions can last forever.

A first impression takes seconds to make and sometimes a lifetime to change!  So getting it right from the very first second is critical for you, the customer, your team, and the organisation.

In this session we cover three ways that first and lasting impressions can be made :

Face to Face


Online chat (where applicable)

Each of those modalities have their own particular traps and tricks.  We share some techniques and scripts to ensure your first and ongoing impression to your customer and team is not just average, we’re looking for awesome!

  1. Managing Customer Communication and Expectations

The best first impression gets you off to a great start, but your relationship with your customer goes longer and deeper and always needs to be handled with care.  We all know that the best form of advertising is word of mouth so when we impress one customer, it leads to referrals and recommendations – and that’s great for business.

  1. Managing Overload and Overwhelm!

Serving one customer at a time is in an ideal world, but life wasn’t mean to be ideal or we wouldn’t grow our expertise so in this session we cover prioritising.  With a customer at the counter, calls coming through at the same time and even perhaps a Chat window needing attention… who do we deal with first?  And how do we ensure the others aren’t neglected? This session covers a number of different scenarios, suggestions and scripts to help you keep calm and carry on.

  1. Conflict Resolution & Managing Mistakes

It doesn’t matter how awesome you are, there’s going to be times when a customer is hard to please or you (as a human!) make a mistake.  In this session we show you how to turn the problem into an opportunity.  In most cases when the conflict or mistake is handled in the right manner, with the right attitude, you can recover and sometimes even improve the customer relationship and their experience with your organisation.

  1. Exceeding Expectations

In this final session we put on our ‘creative’ thinking to help you discover ways you can exceed expectations even more for your customers and colleagues.  When you love your role and excel in it you will get great feedback and appreciation which helps you rise up your personal ‘fulfilment’ ladder – and often the corporate ladder!

At the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Make the very best first impression
  • More confidently overcome or avoid conflict
  • Manage multiple customer interactions politely and professionally
  • Manage priorities with pizazz
  • Increase your productivity with less stress
  • Enjoy your reception role much more!

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