Mentors Radio Series 1- Episode 2

Be Aware or BEWARE of Investing Overseas

Series 1 – Episode 2

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It can be very easy to be an ill informed investor and get trapped into buying the wrong property in the wrong location, at the wrong price – and that can cost you big time!

But for the adventurous and more savvy investors, it can be rewarding to find out the risks, assess the consequences of  them, and avoid or mitigate them. Well educated investors can then make a fully informed decision and can move forward with confidence. But where do you go to find out what the traps are, and how to mitigate or avoid them? And who can you trust to give you honest independent information based on personal experience?

Find out right here…  Listen in to Rachel Barnes and her 3 special guests to learn how to save time, stress and money!

On today’s show :

  • Rachel Barnes shares 3 vital tips she’s learnt in the past 3 years of USA investing … One trap cost her >$2,000 so imagine how much she can save YOU!
  • Chris Cioffi from Florida talks with absolutely no nonsense about 3 traps to beware of that he’s helped other investors successfully escape from.
  • Salena Kulkarni from Australia shares her 3 key tips for investing in the USA safely and confidently.
  • Lawrie Lawrence previously from Perth and now from North Carolina, shares 3 very cool benefits for property buyers in his State.

It’s an awesome show with 3 special guests we invited along to share their ideas, experience and tips on today’s topic:

-bus-card-final-pic_142x158Meet : Christopher Cioffi  –

Christopher is a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker and owner of  No Nonsense Real Estate P.A.  He has always been a true innovator in the Real Estate Industry.  Growing up as the son of a New York City Police Officer, Christopher learned at a very young age that success was a result of hard work and dedication.

Christopher has always been a true top performer in the SW Florida Real Estate market and back in 2006 Christopher and his Real Estate Team received a national ranking in the Wall Street Journal being “#10 in the Nation for Real Estate Transactions.”

Considering the number of Real Estate Brokerages nationwide this was quite a feat.  Christopher has also received a National Association of Realtors Short Sale & Foreclosure Certification and has truly excelled in this arena.  Being located in Fort Myers, FL, which is a top distressed market in the country, he has adapted to market conditions and is pioneering this sector or Real Estate.


Meet: Salena Kulkarni  –

Salena has been a chartered accountant for over 15 years now and she began at Deloitte before taking her career to Europe and the UK. During this time, she worked for a number of international companies before returning to Australia in 2000. Over the last ten years, she’s worked for a number of large multinational organizations as well as a number of consulting firms.

Salena has had a very diversified career including being involved in large scale outsourcing of government services, major organizational reviews, large scale change management programs, small business startups and sale, and a number of ad hoc consulting assignments. Throughout her career, she has actively been involved in real estate investing and development  and her interest in the US residential real estate began in 2008 – so she’s just the right person for us to speak to!

Shortly after that, she began investing in the market herself. Her structured approach to investing in this market has led her to become a national speaker in Australia and a leading authority on US property investing in the current climate. During 2009 and 2010, Salena supported many Australian in purchasing US real estate. Interactions with investor over the last few years highlighted a number of problems in a way that current US buyer advocates were operating and this led to Salena formulating Splash Property Groups and supporting investors to access this market.

If you’d like to hear more from Salena and find out about a Unique financing opportunity for Australians to purchase property in America CLICK HERE.


LL Headshots-22 Meet Lawrie Lawrence –

Lawrie began his path to success in Australia, after accepting a position in an up-and-coming real estate firm located in Perth, Western Australia.

After working hard building his Real Estate business in Australia, Lawrie sold it so that he could afford the luxury of time and wanted to spend it with his family. They travelled across the United States in a 40-foot motor-home, visiting over 140 cities in 42 states, over a 15 month period.

When the Lawrence’s motor-home rolled into Lake Norman, the entire family fell in love with the natural beauty and the amenities it offered. They decided this would be their new home.

Lawrie has formed a new business there with a robust real estate team and is excited to be able to offer clients outstanding service, raising the bar on the way property is sold in Lake Norman.

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