Agents … What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

Is Your Biggest Challenge Finding Listings or Buyers?

You know how time consuming it can be to find good leads to get one listing from one home owner … and then make one sale

And you know how frustrating it is that despite the help, support and great relationship you might build with that seller, there’s very little chance that they’ll use you again

Female Erases Mistake on her NotepadOften home owners move out of the area to move up the property ladder, so the relationship won’t help you next time they shift as chances are they’ll be looking in a different area for an agent.

And even if they’re staying in your locality, it could be three, five or even ten years before they decide to move again, and by that time they have probably forgotten all about how good you were with the sale of their last home.

All that time, money and effort has to be invested again, and again, and again with a new home owner each time.

It’s at this point you might be asking yourself WHY you became a Real Estate Agent in the first place, and what continues to drive you to succeed despite these and other challenges…

Is it because you want to help people? Or perhaps you want to make good money to fund a decent lifestyle for yourself and your family.  Or perhaps you want the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that you get when every good deal is settled and you’ve helped both the buyer and seller… or perhaps it’s all of the above?

You still have the same WHY – now you need to find out HOW you can be more effective.

home soldHow can you leverage your time more – and make more money?

You may have thought that Investors are a good market to tap into.  

The frustration with Investors is that they want top dollar for their property when they’re selling, and when they’re buying a property, they want to pay the lowest price!

So how can you possibly get the best result for an investor when they are going to be squeezing you on both sides of the transaction?  Good Question …

The Answer …

Logo IFAIf you are ready to learn more about Investors, to understand how you can work together to be a great team, and how you can work smarter, not harder, to increase your income…

Then you need to attend this BRAND NEW workshop to help expand your knowledge, and your connections, to help you attract more listings, attract more buyers …and ultimately help you sell more property in less time!

I’m Rachel Barnes, an International Property Investor, Entrepreneur, Author, Coach and ‘Property Woman’ and I  can help transform you and your team into Investor Friendly Agents.

Here’s some of the things you can expect from these innovative, independent Investor Friendly Agent workshops:

  1. Learn how to Leverage your time – helping Investors and Home Owners.
  2. Leverage Investor networks. Investors  are always asking each other for referrals, so once you’ve got your foot in the right door, you have a plethora of opportunity!
  3. Find out what to say, and what NOT to say when you’re dealing with investors (particularly women).
  4. Learn how to ‘read between the lines’ when Investors ask you questions -understanding their agenda could make you a sale or listing that others would never have seen as an opportunity.
  5. When you understand what investors are looking for yourself, you will find you attract Investors… and I will help get the ball rolling for you by introducing you to the right people once you’re trained.
  6. Learn how to create rapport by using the right terminology, and avoid making the costly mistake of putting all Investors in one basket.
  7. I will teach you the basics of at 5 different strategies – so you can help novice and experienced investors see the opportunity even in properties that you may have had on the market for months!
  8. Understand the different tools and resources available to help you (and investors) to have a win-win outcome – and add value to Investors at the same time.
  9. Low ball offers can be frustrating – but when I give you the tips and techniques to take that negative and turn it into a positive, I have no doubt you’ll make a lot more sales and get a lot more referrals – with less effort.
  10. Learn how you can achieve a great result for Investors on both sides of the transaction – as Vendor and Buyer.
  11. Heck, you may even decide to invest in more property yourself!!

This Training is NOT for every Agent.

I understand that not every agent is ready for this sort of information and training…

Some agents are just closed to change.  Some prefer to spend time complaining rather than training.

Some agents think they know everything.

And some agents just don’t care about integrity and reputation

This training IS designed for Agents who want Respect …

It’s for those who want to be in the top 3% of Agents.

If you want to lead the way, expand your knowledge and  networks and take the information and training and apply it – then it’s for you.

It’s for you – If you already have some investor and investment knowledge but you are always open to learning more, networking more … and perhaps even contributing your experience to expand the training event and help others in your team.

And if you haven’t had any experience in the investment area, this is ideal because I make the training easy to understand … and Fun!

Why Would an Investor Want to Help and Train an Agent?

Good question!  I have been teaching people about property investing for over 9 years, through events and one one one private coaching.  One of the core topics in the training program I use, is about building the right team. For an Investor this can be one of the keys to their success and Real Estate Agents are always on the team list.

Sadly, the consistent feedback from Investors is that they can’t find good Agents.  The ones they have met so far seem to be uneducated about investing,  waste Investors time, and generally can’t be trusted. How sad is that!?

Together we can change this – Investors and Agents can be a perfect Team!

I know there are wonderful Agents all across Australia with high integrity, and great skills, who are eager to learn more about how they can help Investors, and leverage their own businesses at the same time.

I am on a crusade to build bridges between ethical Agents and Investors, to help both sides work together for mutual emotional, and financial benefit – and leverage each other’s time!

Let’s face it, most Investors want to build long term great relationships with good agents who can help them buy and sell property.

Agents can then get the benefit of building a relationship with one investor that offers multiple sales opportunities. It’s so much easier to deal with one person you trust and respect, than having to keep looking for new contacts.

Are YOU and your Agency ready to lead the way and step up?

If you want to prove that you are a leading agent or agency in the industry, and if you’re excited to improve your knowledge, learn how you can leverage your time and help build the industry reputation overall, then contact me to find out more.

Step right up and lead the way by registering your interest NOW  through the contact form below.

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Why Me?

I am an independent authentic Investor, providing a fully content driven workshop – no hype, no sales fest, just sharing my experience, knowledge, techniques, tips, and connections to empower those who are ready.

I have been educating people from all walks of life about property investing, both nationally and internationally.  Together with my partner, we purchased 75 rentals in 64 months, and have sold about 30 properties in 30 months!

I have co-authored 5 books on Real Estate and Entrepreneurship and have been interviewed many times in newspapers, magazines, on Radio and Television.

Find out more   -Download my basic Bio here ….Bio2 – Rachel Barnes or click here.

Here’s some of the feedback from Real Estate Professionals who attended the inaugural workshop:

Rachel is an eloquent and informative speaker and she has added a huge amount of value to our team!  Great content Rachel.  Valerie Timms (Timms Real Estate – Aug 2014)

Fantastic – Great tips and knowledge (Ashley Williams – Sales agent 3 years)

Well done Rachel. A fantastic informative presentation on property investment. Very friendly, kind and thoughtful.  (Jason Mills – Sales agent 8 years)

Helped to clearly understand aspects of investing. I am looking forward to using what I learnt in my future investment opportunities. (Sarah – Personal Assistant)

Thank you for your valuable information today  It will be helpful for me in the future when talking to our clients (Judy Weckert – Business Development)

Rachel is approachable and she understands materials that relate to property investment. Henly Vorq (Sales Agent 2 years)

As someone new to Real Estate Sales I appreciated the information in simple terms. Thank you. (Caterina DeRuvo-Dods)

So get your Agency team, or ten of your Colleagues together and  contact me to book your own in-house Workshop,

This is one of the most affordable and effective training events you’ll ever have, and at the convenience of your location.

Don’t miss this opportunity to lead the change of Agent reputation across the Nation

by becoming a certified Investor Friendly Agent!Logo IFA

Empowerment Coach