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Have YOUR BEST 12 Months EVER!

After many years of training investors and real estate professionals, Rachel knows that most people want to jump right into wealth creation but they  miss out on building a solid foundation to get their life in balance and understand themselves well enough to move forward and focus on what’s important to them.

WHY people set the goals they do, is even more important than how they will achieve them.  Often the potential to achieve a dream requires change – and that’s extremely hard to do on your own.  So don’t struggle alone and risk failing…

Allow Rachel to take your hand and guide you through the process of self-analysis, setting your own personal goals,  establishing a step by step action plan to achieve them, and mastering your mind and your emotions so that you can have Your Best 12 months EVER!

Using the ‘YB12’ proven system developed over many years by experienced trainers and psychologists, Rachel Barnes can help, inspire, and guide you to your success.

Rachel runs workshops periodically (online and on-site) to help empower individuals, employees and business owners.  Click here to find out more about the Total Focus Workshops.

Personally:  If that feels like something you’d benefit from and would like to find out more about, click here or complete the form below and we will schedule a free 15 min life coaching session for you with Rachel Barnes

Business/Corporate : If you are a progressive company and would love to have your team fired up and pulling together to achieve the business goals then you’re in luck!

To help your team become more engaged and more productive, contact  or complete the form below.  Rachel will personally contact you  to discuss your business needs and subject to availability, you can book her for a free  45 minute key note presentation.

Rachel will get your team inspired and engaged and help them to beat procrastination!

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