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“75 Properties in 64 Months”

Rachel Barnes and her partner John Fowler, purchased 75 rentals in 64 months and have invested in Australia, New Zealand and the USA over the last 17 years.

Her personal strategy has been investing in positively geared properties and as a regular speaker for Property Women audiences over the past 10 years, she’s shared some of her experience and expertise to help others.

Rachel is a professional investor, speaker and business owner. She has co-authored 5 books on property and has been a much featured and sought after contributor on print, radio and television.

Prior to investing, Rachel was climbing the corporate ladder, and achieved a Professional Certificate in Management, a Diploma in Mortgage Lending and has 20 years of experience within the Finance Industry, rising in her career from loan typist to Executive Manager.

Rachel is well travelled and continues to tour Australia between home visits to catch up with children (and gorgeous grandchildren!)

While travelling, Rachel continues to help others to invest in property and develop themselves, their knowledge, their experience, and their confidence along their own personal property journey.

Property One-On-One Mentoring

Previously providing Mentoring for Property Women’s Brilliant Members, Rachel now also offers personal one on one Coaching for a limited number of clients who already have a basic understanding of investing but are looking to expand their knowledge, wanting to have someone they trust to coach and guide them, as well as assist  with unemotional analysis and help them to think outside the square!

Imagine the value of having your own personal  Property Coach who’s on YOUR side with no other agenda!

Keep reading to find out how you can qualify …

All coaching is personally tailored, and delivered personally and nationally via phone, email, skype or zoom for a minimum of 3 months and up to 24 months.  Some face-to-face opportunities may be available when Rachel travels to other capital cities throughout the year for  events.

In addition to consulting with you as her client, she is happy to introduce you to her own personal investment team.  Whoever you decide to include on your own team, Rachel is happy to be involved in discussions with them if you require to ensure smooth communication of your investing needs.

As in any sport, or business getting the right Coach can be a crucial key to your success –

There’s 3 important factors you need to consider before you choose:

  1. It’s important for you to be committed to take action with the knowledge and guidance you gather
  2. You need to choose someone who meets your needs in relation to their relevant knowledge and experience
  3. You must choose a Coach you’ll respect and whom you can connect and communicate with effectively.

Like any good marriage, it’s crucial that both you and your Coach feel comfortable with each other and confident that you can work together to reach your true potential.

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

Are you ready to commit  to being coached for 3 months or more?

Are you ready to have your thinking challenged?

Are you ready to believe in yourself and take positive action?

Yes, Yes, Yes ….then you are invited to apply for coaching with Rachel Barnes.

Simply complete the form below with some basic details and Rachel will contact you for a 15 min complimentary (and no obligation) consultation so that you can decide whether you’re going to make a good match, or whether another Coach would be more suitable for your situation.

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