Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed – Second Edition
(soft cover – 294 pages)In this fully revised and updated ‘Second Edition’, two new chapters have been included by Rachel Barnes (Positive Cash flow Investor) and Phil Jones (NZ Educator & Investor).Collectively the investors in this book, have over 315 years of experience, have purchased over 6820 properties and have a combined portfolio worth over $253 million. Now, you can discover their inspirational stories and closely guarded success secrets.
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Walking With The Wise – Real Estate Investor 

READ THIS BOOK only if you want to find out a key element of the MILLIONAIRE MINDSET from those who are fabulously wealthy !!!!Less than 4% of our population are self-made multi-millionaires . Why? Because those who aren’t multi-millionaires, don’t know how to do it or are afraid to apply what they’ve learned. Can you become a self-made multi-millionaire? ABSOLUTELY!! The average person is achieving this every day. There are many ways to acquire wealth but 80% of today’s very wealthy use Real Estate Investment. Learn the secrets to Real Estate Investments from successful multi-millionaires who have done it in Walking With the Wise Real Estate Investor.

There are a number of co-authors in this book, which makes it a great read. You’ll find information and inspiration from many different people sharing their thoughts and experiences with you in relation to investing in Real Estate.

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Property is a Girl’s Best Friend

Whether you are 18 or 80, whether you have $800 or $800 000, you can invest in property – you just need the know-how.

Property is a Girl’s Best Friend is the essential property investment guide for Australian and New Zealand women who want financial freedom.

With case studies and hot tips to inspire and guide you, let us show you how:

  • 7 property investing strategies for capital gain and cashflow – find out which suites your personality
  • the 25 steps to teach you property investing
  • techniques to uncover great deals that one property woman used to by 26 properties in just 28 months
  • 16 ways for you to eliminate costly habits that hold you back financially
  • how one property woman made $1 million in just one year with a $1 option
  • 11 tops tips to reduce tax legally and increase cashflow

Move over diamonds Property is now a Girl’s Best Friends

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Walking With The Wise – Entrepreneur
(soft cover – 312 pages)No matter where in the world you are, you’re bound to find massive value within the 312 pages of this recently published ‘Entrepreneurs’ paperback!

Among my co-authors there are successful and motivational people from all over the world and this latest publication includes many from Australia and Asia -Dale Beaumont, an inspiration to young people as a global presenter and best-selling author, he describes how to ‘Write Your Own Book in 90 Days or Less.

Includes Americans authors that you just can’t get enough of; Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Zig Zigla, Suze Orman, Robert Kiyosaki (with Sharon Lechter) Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Stephen Pierce, John Assaraf, Matt Bacak, and even a bonus section from Chuck Norris…and so the list goes on!

This is not a ‘shelf-help’ book to just purchase and leave in immaculate condition, this is a real Self-Help read – there’s interest and inspiration on every page from this plethora of exciting authors just ready to be well used and ear-marked!

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 Managing Your Investment Property  –  SOLD OUT !!

Unfortunately this book is now completely sold out!!

Rachel holds a few last copies which are not for sale – but available for special gifts for a few select clients.

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