From humble beginnings…

To:  Property Investor, Business Owner, Key Note Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Consultant, Property Tour Guide and Co-Author of 5 books!

April 2004 was a time Rachel Barnes will remember well.  That was when she quit her career after 20 years in the finance industry. Together with her partner John Fowler, she had built up a positive cash flow property portfolio which had also allowed John to quit work two years prior. Having purchased 75 properties in 64 months, Rachel and John have had the opportunity to enjoy extensive overseas and interstate trips, and have the luxury of eating out almost daily… is it any wonder Rachel loves her life?!

Loving to travel and enjoying networking, Rachel has run a number of property tours to the USA for Property Women, and has purchased 5 properties there personally.

Rachel believes that you should increase your assets wherever possible to provide future lifestyle choices BUT cash-flow is an important element to make sure you get to keep your Assets until or if ever you decide to sell, as well as keep food on the table!  If you don’t have a good source of income or you want to use property to escape your job, you’ll need to consider

That’s why her property strategy has been based around positive geared properties, and why she also loves being in involved in Business to help create that cash.

Rachel enjoys sharing her experience, knowledge, and inspiration with others who are looking to develop themselves, their property portfolio and/or their business.  She’s also very happy to train and consult with Real Estate professionals to help them become Investor Friendly Agents – she believes they are an important part of an investors team and enjoys creating great business connections.

Rachel has been a regular presenter at Property Women events for over 10 years.  They are informative, inspirational, great for networking – and FUN!

‘If you’re not having fun in life, then you’re missing the point’

Empowerment Coach